We will NEVER let you win!

I refuse to let you scare me
I refuse to let you win
You’re evil
You’re darkness
You’re sick!

You will not steal my joy
You will not silence my voice
You will not make me cower, run, or change the course of my life

This is not the world I remember
This is not the future I imagined

But now this is a call to action!

We will shine our light in the darkness
We will blind evil with the brightest joy
We will join arms, and build a wall of courage, strength and resilience!

Shoot us down, we will rebuild!
Beat us up, we will recover!
Erase our values, we will re-write them!

Try to divide us, we will UNITE!

Our LIGHT will outshine your darkness!
Our LOVE will overpower your hate!
Our COURAGE will build strength!

We will not let you scare us!
You are a coward!

We will NEVER let you win!

May God bless every victim of violent crimes
Especially those victims, and families of the Las Vegas shooting.
We love you!

May God Bless America!

With a broken heart, be safe my friends,


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