50 ways to say no, Cheesy Kale Soup, and Day 7 of my 10 lbs in 20 days detox

I have a list of 50 ways to say no. 
Why is saying “no” so hard, that someone had to create a list?

We have no problem telling our kids no, they might not listen, but we said it, so we get Mom points for trying.

We scream nooooo, at the cat before he coughs a fur ball on our new couch, or when the dog tries to eat his own poo. (oh come on, you know your dogs eats poo too.)

When our favorite sports team has just been scored on, we jump up, head in our hands, and scream NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Followed by, “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING? WHERE IS THE DEFENSE? HOW MUCH DO YOU GET PAID TO “PLAY” THIS GAME?”

If “no” is so easily said, why do we struggle to say it, when it comes to what we want?

I believe that obligation, duty, burden, insecurity, fear, guilt, and a need for acceptance, are just a few reasons why we say yes, when we really wanted to say no.

I had a magnet that read: “Stress is when your mouth says yes, but your head says no.”

This detox is teaching me that while I need to put good food in my body, I need to take better care of my mind, and soul as well. Stress can kill no matter what you put in your mouth. We need to make time to relax, unwind, and do something we enjoy.

I get myself in so much trouble because I can’t say no. I want to help everyone. Then I get angry, frustrated, over burdened, I have no time for whats important to me, and I end up in tears, wanting to run away from my own life. But it was me that made those commitments. It was me that offered to help. No one forced me.

Our time is valuable. Our wants, and needs are important, but when we continually push ourselves out-of-the-way, to make room for someone else’s needs, we’re essentially telling ourselves, we don’t matter, we aren’t important, and soon we begin to believe it.

Yes, we should be there for our families, and be of service to others, but when we’re so spent giving to others that we don’t know who we are anymore, or what we want, then we need to stop and re-evaluate our priorities.

Today I said no, then I said no again, and one more time for good measure, and it felt great!

Today is day 7 of my 10 lbs in 20 days detox.

Breakfast was supposed to be Banana Cashew Lettuce wraps, but I have fallen in love with the Apple Pie Oatmeal so I had to have that.

Lunch was a big salad with lots of veggies and I added tofu. They wanted me to try the Russian Dressing but I enjoyed the Walnut Vinaigrette on it instead.

This detox gives you a lot of food so its important to freeze the soups, chilis etc. You definitely won’t go hungry on this program.

Dinner was a Cheesy Kale Soup. It was hot here today, I didn’t want to make it, and I wasn’t sure how they were going to make something taste “cheesy” when there was no cheese in the recipe. But I promised I would try all the recipes, and I was curious how it would taste. So here it is!


They should have named this “Creamy Cheesy Kale Soup” because it is so creamy and smooth and yes, it has a cheesy taste to it.

I loved it!
Sadly, I loved it so much that I ate 3 bowls.
So I kind of blew it today, but my day was rough, and I needed comfort food.

It’s very easy to make, and doesn’t take long at all. Bring over a friend, rant about your day, and the soup is done!

Thanks for stopping by,
Be kind to one another, and do something special for yourself today.






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