Apple Pie Oatmeal, Self Love & Day 5 of my 10 in 20 detox

Well I made it 5 days!
I wasn’t sure that would happen.
I am so picky when it comes to my food. I don’t like to be told what to eat, so I thought the menus would drive me nuts.

But this week has been more than just about food. It’s becoming about personal change.
About learning to love myself and wanting whats best for me. I’m learning to say no, figuring out whats best for me and taking responsibility for my life.

I have been on this whole foods, plant-based journey for almost a year now but something has changed in me this week. I really started caring about myself. I started viewing my body as something of value, and wanting to take better care of it.

I feel empowered, I feel stronger emotionally, educationally, and I’m on some crazy journey of self discovery, and I am not sure what comes next, or where to go.

I mean come on!
I am doing videos on You Tube!
I’ve got to be crazy right?
What the hell am I thinking?

Maybe I’m not thinking.
Maybe I’m just letting go for once, having fun, and waiting to see what comes next.

All I know is I made this crazy commitment to get through 20 days to change my health for the better and I am already changing in ways I never expected.

I can’t possibly quit, I want to see how this story ends!

So here are the food photos and video, enjoy!

Breakfast: Apple Pie Oatmeal


Lunch: Black bean Lettuce Bundles



Dinner: Creamy Kale and Mushroom Casserole


Here is the video, Enjoy!



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