My new YouTube Channel & Day 1 of Dr. Fuhrmans 10 in 20 Detox Program

Hello Everyone,
I have finally mustered the courage to start a YouTube Channel!

This channel is a part of my Recreating Me journey.
As a grateful Triple Negative Breast Cancer survivor, a recovering Anorexic, Bulimic, and trauma survivor living with PTSD, and Anxiety, I believe in the power of words, and want to honor this passion inside of me to share my stories with others.

So this year I decided to continue my journey with Toastmasters International to gain experience, confidence, and earn some amazing educational awards.

I have a passion for writing and public speaking.
I LOVE sharing my stories with others, meeting them where they are, supporting them, and connecting on a personal level. But I can’t do this if I stay home and hide in my turtle shell all the time.

So I am crossing my fears, stepping way out of my comfort zone, and taking some risks. I will be posting my speeches, and taking you on my journey as I finally run towards what sets my heart on fire.

I hope this blog and YouTube channel brings comfort to the hurting, empowers the lost, and encourages you to love yourself enough to find your passion, and run like someone left the gate open.

Here is my first YouTube video.
This is Day 1 of the Dr. Joel Fuhrmans 10 in 20 day detox.

Below you will find photos of the foods I am eating on this detox program.
Here is Day 1:
Breakfast: Soaked Oats and Blueberries: Very easy to make and it tasted really good!








Lunch: Mexican Salad






Interested in doing this detox with me?
Check it out.

Lets see how I do, wish me luck!


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