I am not coconut cream! Oh, my gosh, am I coconut cream?


I am not coconut cream!
Oh, my gosh, am I coconut cream?

Coconut Whipped Cream has 3 ingredients.
Coconut Cream, powdered sugar and vanilla.
It’s fluffy, with a hint of vanilla, and makes desserts taste amazing!

It’s simple, yet finicky, and sometimes unpredictable. It’s not hard to make, but to be successful, the conditions must be perfect.
At times, the cream tests my patience by coming out too thick, too runny, or too clumpy.

Life is like Coconut Cream sometimes.
Some days we sail through, and other days get on our nerves, and make us question why we bothered waking up.

The hustle of life can be deadly for me.
When I get stressed, I play a dangerous game of perfection I cannot win.
I turn into crazy lady, perfectionistic mode, and make the energizer bunny look like he’s strung out on downers.

Everything has to be perfect, and everything has to get done now!

Don’t tell me it can’t be done!
I will prove you wrong!
It may kill me, but I will finish it!
I am a Mother for God’s sake!
We are Superwomen!

But, last week I lost the plot a little.
I stopped exercising, I stopped meditating, and I focused solely on cooking night, and day.

I wanted so badly to surprise my neighbors with a beautiful vegan dessert table for our neighborhood progressive dinner, that I spent weeks testing, and sampling recipes. By the end of the week, I was so stressed, and tired, that cooking felt more like a chore.

Still, I looked forward to every minute, because this journey has been nothing short of amazing.

I was so proud when I created vegan cannoli’s.
My Mom used to make the best Cannoli’s, and I was over the moon when mine turned out as well as they did.



Wait what? I did that?
I still can’t believe it!






Then I tackled Fran Costigans Bittersweet Cashew Cream Truffle Squares!fullsizerender-3

The recipe is in her book Vegan Chocolate. Here is the link!
Fran Costigans Vegan Chocolate.

My anxiety was high because I am not that girl. I don’t make awesome food like this. Panic set in, but I wanted so badly to achieve this goal, and to prove to myself that I could do this. I was not going to give up, and I am so proud of myself.

They turned out amazing!

Cooking has become therapy for me. It has unlocked a passion I never knew I had. It’s healed my heart, and I’m dreaming again.

This journey of recreating me after cancer, empty nest, and being a stay-at-home Mom with no degree, no career, and no prospects is amazing!
Instead of dread, I want to challenge myself. I’m excited, hopeful, and most days I wake up with a childlike excitement for what the day will bring.

But if this taught me anything, it’s that, I can’t become so engrossed in something, that I push myself aside again.
I can’t get so invested in pleasing others that I ignore my needs.
I can’t live on the edge.
I can’t ignore what I need to keep my body, mind and soul healthy.

I knew what I needed, and I didn’t take care of myself.
I needed time to meditate.
I needed to exercise.
I needed yoga.
But I didn’t make the time.

When we keep making time for someone, or something else, but ignore ourselves, we send a message loud, and clear. The body keeps score, and eventually we will pay the price for ignoring the warning signs.

When we continually put someone else’s needs above our own, we’re wasting the opportunity to explore the gifts God gave us, and denying ourself the opportunity to grow.

I’m not telling you be be selfish, I’m telling you to love others, help others, but make time for you too!

Why didn’t I take 10 minutes a day last week to meditate?
I was having fun.
I wanted to make the dessert event perfect.
I wanted to make my neighbors happy.

So I was too busy to Be Still, to rest, and to care for my body, mind and soul.

I was too busy for me.

I am a lot like coconut cream.
I can be finicky, and unpredictable.
I can be simple, and I can test a person’s patience 🙂

But when I am on, when I am caring for myself, happy, healthy, and on task, I am happy, content, peaceful, and I can make desserts taste good too!

So what’s the moral of this story?

Find your passion, and live it!
Be the person you would be proud to know.
Make time to care for yourself, or your body will force you to.
And always eat Coconut Whipped Cream!

Be Still,

RecreatingMe ~ Kath

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