A blessing, from my heart to yours

As we say goodbye to 2015, and welcome in the new year, be mindful that not everyone will experience joy and miracles.

Some will say goodbye to loved ones, and others will get diagnoses they never expected. Trials will come. There will be losses, & great pain, as well as miracles, unexpected joy, and for some, the blessing of peace.

So this year my wish for you is the gift of love, and compassion, for your family, friends, and neighbors. I pray that God will hold you, comfort you and make you aware of his beauty, and grace in the midst of your deepest pain. I pray he rejoices with you when you’ve achieved your goals, when you have been granted good health, and when a miracle comes your way. I pray that he shows you, that you never have to cry alone.

May God bless you, I love you. I’m grateful and Thankful for all of you.

You have blessed my life richly and I am a very lucky girl.

God bless and Happy New Year.

For me, this is appropriate right now.
I never want anyone to cry alone.

**Say Something**
When someone you love is hurting…
Say something
When their world is falling apart…
Say something
When they feel alone…
Say something
When they can’t explain how they feel…
Say something
No one should ever cry alone, but too many people do.
Your silence will speak volumes, so comfort them and just say something.


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