You think you’ve met a hero? Think again.

You think you’ve met a hero? Think again.

They spend hours preparing their classrooms for the new year.
They get excited when they meet their class for the first time.
They worry standardize tests will leave the most gifted children behind.
They spend their own money to make sure the kids have all they need.

They stay up at night trying to figure out how to reach the quiet ones, the shy ones, the ones who fall behind, the ones who don’t speak english, or the ones who don’t speak at all.

They get excited when a child draws them a picture, gets their name right or tells them they are the best ever. They fall in love with your kids as if they are their own.
They get their hands dirty, their hearts broken and their hopes up, all for your children

They learn to speak different languages, they learn to teach so a child will understand, they treat each child like an individual, because they are. They pull your shy child out of her shell so she too can become a teacher, an inspiration, a hero to someone else. They have high hopes that when a kid leaves their class they will go on to do great things.

They work hard, love hard and fall hard.

Then someone shoots up a classroom and they cry, they hurt, they worry because they are human

But they go back the next day because they have fallen in love with teaching, because this is what they are meant to do and because your child has stolen their hearts and they refuse to let them down because someone, somewhere let down that shooter. 

They go into class knowing that they would do anything to protect “your” babies even risk their own lives. Some have, others will, but please remember that the teachers protecting “your” babies are “our” babies too.

You think your favorite TV star is your hero?.. think again
You think your favorite musician is your hero?.. I don’t think so
You think your favorite athlete is your hero?..try again

From Preschool to College, your heroes are in the class room.
Your heroes are your teachers, principles and school staff. Without them generations will fall, kids will grow up without hope, their will be no cures for cancer, no one running the country, no one putting out fires, protecting our communities, delivering our babies or believing we can be better than we are.

This is who you should look up to.
These people should be our heroes because without their courage, unconditional love and determination your kids have no heroes to look up to.

May God Bless America and all those educators who love our children with all their hearts.

You are blessing those children!
You are making a difference!
YOU are MY Heroes!



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