There is always light after the darkness

There is always light after the darkness.
We are never alone.

There are always ways to navigate the changes life brings us.
There is always peace readily available, we just have to seek it.
There are always those who will stare, mock & ridicule, but there are more who see your beauty, who are willing to love, support & comfort.
The pain is always worse when it has no name, but once you know what your fighting, the claws come out and no one can beat us.

Courage is not meant to be placed on a shelf.
It lives in us, it builds, it even rages at times and is waiting to comfort, to heal, to scream out, to help us stand tall and be proud of who we are, even if who we are is different from who we dreamed we could be.

There is no battle we can’t fight.
Every one of them gives us the opportunity to grow, to learn, to stand strong and become the best version of ourselves.

Some may have no voice, but they can still be heard.
Some may be in wheelchairs but their taller than towers and their strength inspires us.
Some days we feel like we are in a dark hole, but God gives us hand rails to grab ahold of and lift ourselves up.

The darkest of days, the worst news, the deepest pain does not mean, this is the end.
It means its time to unleash the courage hiding in the shadows, stand strong, face the worst of it all, and come out the winner!

There is always light after the darkness,
And we are never alone.

**A prayer for those with chronic illness**
Thank you Jesus for holding me when my body is failing, my emotions are all over the place and I’m scared.
I don’t know the future, you do.
I don’t know what I will face, you do.
I don’t know how I will cope with it all, but you do.
I see the worry in my families face and it breaks my heart.
You see it too and you weep with me.
I know I’m not alone.
You are stronger than I know, so hold me please.
You are wiser than I could ever be, so give me wisdom.
You are the light in my darkness, you guide my steps and catch me when I fall.
You are the warm blanket that comforts me and the internal peace that calms me.
You are my lion of courage, my pillar of strength and with you I can fight and I can win.
Take my life Jesus and let it be a constant source of strength for others.
You know the path I will walk, I don’t.
But I will take your hand and let you guide my steps.
I love you Jesus.


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