Empty Nest? Or Welcome to your amazing new life!

When did Empty nest become a bad thing?

Shouldn’t it be called: “Welcome to your amazing new life?”

In fact, if we celebrate when our kids graduate high school and college, shouldn’t we give them a party and diploma when they move out?
“Graduate of Moms University!”
Then send them their last report card that shows how well they did from diapers to dating and beyond!

*Childhood Report Card*
Potty training: C
*Comments: Just wait till you have your own kids.
Walking: B
*Comments: More like running, only broke one leg running around the couch.
Talking: A
*Comments: Loves to talk at all hours of the night, needs a understanding spouse.
Driving: C
*Comments: No one died, no animals were hurt, go you!
Chores: Eh
*Comments: Wait till you have your own kids, I’m going to give them sugar and send them home to you!
Dating: NA
*Comments: No one will ever be good enough for my baby!
Growing into the man or woman I knew you could be: A++++
*Comments: I have never been prouder to be your Mom! I love you with all my heart, now go be great!

I adore my kids. I am honored to be their Mom but I never dreamed of that perfect wedding, cute house, 3 kids and a dog. Kids were never on my radar because I was 100% certain I would be the worst parent ever and I didn’t want them spending their life in therapy.

But God has a sense of humor and he gave me 2 of the most amazing little people to raise.
Was it easy? Not at all.
Did we cry? Yes!
But we cried together and got through each and every tantrum & meltdown…
Theirs AND mine!
And somehow in the process, I became a pretty good mom.
They raised me right!

But now my son is on his own and my daughter is self sufficient, only home to sleep and my job has changed.

I am not needed as much anymore, well, I am not needed in the same ways I was needed before.

So we have reached a cross roads. I gave them all I had and now its time for them to live the amazing life I had envisioned for them.

So what happens now?
That depends on us.

Do we sit and cry because our babies left us?
We knew they would leave one day, in fact this is what a Mother does, she teaches, guides, protects and prepares them for the day they leave the home.

It’s life, It’s supposed to happen this way.

Do we feel lost because we gave them all of us and now there is nothing left?
We might, because this is different, change is hard, but we have qualities, wants and needs we have not even explored yet!

There is more life to be lived!

This is our chance to explore who we are, figure out what we want to be when we grow up and spend some of that quality “me” time we screamed for when the kids were small.

Have you ever watched a Mother bird with her babies?
She is amazing!

She feeds her babies..

She watches over them and loves them enough to let them go..

Then, once they find the courage to jump out of the nest…

The whole world awaits them! Welcome to your amazing life little one!

So now the nest is empty and although there is more room, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you, it just means you are an awesome Mom and you did a good job!

So I see this as graduation day for them and for me.

They are exploring life, learning new things and so am I!

Now when we get together, we can talk about our new adventures, the new friends we have met and the amazing new life we are creating for ourselves.

So welcome to your amazing new life Mom, you did a great job!

It’s the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

This is where your story begins!


Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

One thought on “Empty Nest? Or Welcome to your amazing new life!

  1. forgivenbloke

    Congratulations on a wonderful job well done. I could never imagine anyone else being a better Mom to our kids. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into them for all these years. I cannot wait to see what adventures you have in the months and years to come. I love you!


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