Trying To Lose Weight As We Age, Is Like Climbing Mount Rushmore Naked

Trying to lose weight as we age is like climbing Mount Rushmore naked.
So many obstacles, you feel like all eyes are on you, and IF you succeed, you wonder if it’s really worth it.

I have officially been on my 90/10 Plant-based, no oil added diet for 69 days.
I feel healthier and happier, yet each week I hop on the scale only to feel betrayed and ridiculed by a piece of tin that has no IQ, or value to my life at all.

So I have decided to abandon my scale.

A scale is like an evil ex-boyfriend. He’s always telling you what’s wrong with you, he adds no value to your life, yet his voice is always in your head.

It lies!

You need to get on it at least 3 times because it keeps changing its mind.
Then on days you’ve had a sip of water, eaten a pickle or God forbid drank a glass of wine and it bites your head off like that math teacher in high school who hated you.

We are worth so much more, and yet we give so much value, to a piece of steel with computer parts.

We are women!
We know when we’ve gained a pound, or even a 1/4th of a pound.

Retaining water?
Hell, we know how many ounces of water we’re retaining and what part of our body it’s stuck to.

And don’t you think we know when we’re losing weight?
Weight loss to a girl is like a magnetic field, and more accurate than the psychic channel.

We KNOW when we’ve lost weight, and we prove it by running into our closet, and pardoning that tiny pair of jeans that we banished to the left corner with all the other rejects, because said pair of jeans betrayed us after thanksgiving dinner, back in 1999.

We’re like bloodhounds, we can smell weight loss from a mile away.

What do we need a scale for?

We want it to tell us something other than what we feel.
That number is magic, and we want to see it!

Suddenly baggy jeans mean nothing.
Being able to walk up a flight of stairs mean nothing.
We want to see 5, 10, 20 lbs lost.
It’s almost as if we won’t believe it until this little hunk of metal confirms it.

Would we feel better if Wall-E told us we lost weight?


We need confirmation.
It validates us because we can’t validate ourselves.

We’re insecure because someone, somewhere, blatantly, or inadvertently, told us we’re not good enough.
We don’t look exactly how they would like us to look.

We don’t fit the norm.

I once had a boyfriend who told me I was everything he NEVERwanted.
I was “too fat, brunette, pale white and I talked too much.”


Sadly this type of thing happensALL the time.
We place our value and worth in someone else’s hands.
We have to love ourselves for who we are and drop those dead beats who can’t!

I don’t like how society and man wants to define us.

Hello world!
I’m not “normal” nor do I want to be.

I am an overweight, breast less, Hershey kiss shaped, scarred up, tattooed mom and quite honestly I have never loved myself more!

How many other women can say their shaped like chocolate?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge advocate for eating healthy.
My cholesterol is high, heart disease runs in the family, and I want many years with my hubby and children.

I will continue on my 90/10 Gluten Free, plant-based food plan.
I will accept that our bodies change as we age, and learning to embrace those changes are part of learning to love ourselves unconditionally, but I will never let a hunk of tin, or a cold-hearted person devalue me again.

Now the scale is lucky my husband relies on it.
He’s a man, he can’t smell weight loss like we can, so he needs it, but if he didn’t, I’d be melting that baby into a nice little stainless steel tea kettle.

They next time I get on a scale it still be to weigh my cold dead body before cremation and even then I will fight them from the grave!

Momma’s Hot Flashing baby, that means fire, and fire melts scales.

So Cheers (_)> (_)> to getting healthy, loving ourselves for who we are, living life fully not fearfully and showing the scale the door!

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