Today I pray…

I love to pray for others. It makes my heart sing. I feel that if I am praying for those I don’t know, and they have no family or friends, then at least someone is praying for them.

So years ago I started this little Facebook Page: Recreating Me Prayer & Praise.

It’s a simple little page that allows me to pray for people, some times daily, sometimes weekly.

I have decided to incorporate these prayers into this blog.
If you have prayer requests please leave a comment or for private requests email me:

So here is todays prayer. Pray with me, pass it on, leave a prayer but please remember the lost, the hurting & the sick as you go about your day.

“Today I Pray”

When I was little I had a white, wooden, canopy bed with a pink & white silk cover with butterflies printed on it.

I was so excited to get this bed. This was going to be my special hiding place, the magical garden I could go to when things got tough. The comforters would keep me warm, the cover over the top gave me shelter and I made a rule, no one was allowed in my special place.

Then it happened. My mom took all my stuffed animals and tossed them on the top of the bed so all the animals were face down, staring at me. Then the scary, stuffed snake was wrapped around the bedpost with his face pointed in my direction.

Suddenly my special hiding place became a toy shed of sorts, and in the dark, it was so scary I couldn’t open my eyes for fear that snake would eat me. It was too busy, too crowded, too scary, and my bed became a place I didn’t want to be in anymore.

How many of you are searching for a special hiding place or a magical garden you can go to when things are tough?

In the busyness of your day, do you take time, even a few minutes, to get away from it all, put the phone on silent, shut the door and just be?

We all deserve a special haven, whether it’s our bed, an office, a comfy chair at the local coffee house, or even a spot on the grass in the back yard, with the sun beating down on us.

Our bodies need it, our minds need it and our sanity deserves it.

Lord my heart is heavy. I have many friends & family who suffer severely from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Cancer and other serious, life, altering illnesses etc.

So today I pray for those I love, and those I have never met, who are afflicted with health issues that make it hard for them to live their lives fully.

I pray for their pain and lack of energy. I pray you give them the courage to fight the battle and recreate a life for themselves despite their different-abilities.

Some may feel like a burden to their families, but help them to understand that they are not at fault, and that you have placed those family members in their lives for a reason.

Carry the hurting Lord, lift them up, hold them in the palm of your hand, wrap your arms around them and bring them comfort and peace.

You are a God of comfort. You are a God of peace. You will never leave them, for with you, no one cries alone.

Matthew 11:28
28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

I pray all this in your precious name. Amen

Thank you Lisa L. Keck for the beautiful Photo: “Hand of God”

hand bench

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