What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of?

Stop and really think about it, let your guard down, no one is reading this but you.
I only have a few followers and they can’t judge you, they don’t even know you.

What scares you?
What worries you?
What keeps you stuck?

This morning on the way to the eye Dr. my daughter confessed one of her fears to me.

It broke my heart and I immediately wanted to build her up, inspire her and give her a little dose of courage but she stopped my little rant and asked me to put it on my blog so she could print it off and read it whenever she needed a dose of courage.

I have a sneaking suspicion I’ve just been punk’d.

So this blog is for my beautiful daughter.

As a cancer survivor, my friends sometimes describe me as courageous, fearless, strong, determined, faithful & Inspiring and as grateful as I am for the sentiment the truth is…

At times, I am a scaredy cat.

Some days I live in fear and I let it overcome me.

I’ve only told those closest to me and since I only have 4 readers, I think my secret is safe here.

But the truth is we all fear, we all are scared of something and I believe its how we handle that fear that allows people to describe us with beautiful adjectives and glowing praise, that maybe we aren’t so sure we deserve, but gracefully accept.

Have you ever seen a paraplegic in an automated wheelchair?

We have a few of those beautiful souls in our community and I watch as they maneuver their chairs through the streets of the town. Their bodies are, for whatever reason, not functioning like most in the community, yet they don’t allow their different-abilities to get them down. They live their lives; they conquer their fears because they have to and they are an inspiration to those who drive past them.

What about the child who is battling cancer? I am following a 15 yr. old cancer survivor on Facebook. This is his 3rd relapse with cancer and he has been through HELL waiting for a transplant, being poked, prodded, sick from all the meds and yet his attitude inspires us all.

Both of these examples are either fighting for their lives or for quality of life. They have no time to worry about what may happen, they need to LIVE for the NOW and cherish every moment. Their challenge is to find the courage everyday and that in and of itself is an achievement!

What would it look like if we all felt that sense of urgency?

To follow our dreams, learn to drive, get a job, make new friends, or conquer our fears?

What would it feel like to let go of the fear of failure and live for the dream, no holds barred, all hearts on deck, not caring what others think, and focusing only on what we want?

Everyday people all over the world are letting go and reaching for something more.

The person with a chronic illness who can’t get out of bed, a walk to the bathroom may be the biggest achievement they made all day but they did it!

The agoraphobic who is terrified to terrified to leave her house, one step outside and she has accomplished something!

The stay-at-home Mom who goes for her first job interview in years, she’s terrified no one will hire her but she’s fighting for what she wants because she believes she is worth it!

We need to get out of our “comfort zones” and start believing in our own abilities!

I hate the term “Comfort Zone.”

I think we use that term when we are scared and don’t want to change.

Someone tell me, what is so comfortable about our comfort zone?

Does it feel good watching others go on with their lives, reaching for the stars, achieving their goals, while you are on that big comfy couch eating ice cream in your comfort zone?


There is no comfy couch in our comfort zones.
They are just a place we hide because we are too scared to fight for what we deserve, what we need, and what our hearts desire.

You can’t fail if you don’t try right?

Do we take comfort in that?

Oh come on own up to it, it’s comforting to know you won’t fail and its scary to think you might, but there is also a chance that you just may succeed and aren’t you the least bit curious?

I am!

I follow a God who promised me eternal life with a new body & no pain and an abundance of joy, love and peace beyond my understanding and I believe him!

After all I have been through I am fighting for and will damn sure get my happy ending!

He won’t quit on me and I won’t quit on him!

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. We don’t get a second chance to bow; there are no extra innings or another curtain call. This is it!

Do you feel the urgency now?

The Lord created you for a reason.
You have a purpose. Your life is a blessing. You are a gift.
Your strength will change lives; your story will inspire many.

There will be challenges a long the way and there will be blessings beyond belief but each one will require you to live life with a peaceful assurance that you can do this!

Gods got this and he will not let you fall!

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