I’m saying goodbye

I just thought I’d say goodbye while I still have my health!

Apparently calling someone on my cell phone could give me cancer again.

Eating over cooked or under cooked meat can give me cancer again.

Eating too much fruit will produce too much stomach acid, which could cause the infection H. Pylori that if not taken care of and cause cancer again.

Apparently, if I accidentally burn my dry, air popped, cardboard tasting, popcorn that I intentionally did not put butter on, so I would not raise my cholesterol and die of a heart attack, the carcinogens in the burnt popcorn can cause cancer again.

Too many oils & fats will clog my arteries and give me a heart attack and with heart disease in my family, trust me its not good!

The meat eaters are disgusted with the vegans.
The vegans think the vegetarians are afraid to commit.
The USDA changes the food pyramid more than a hormonal mother changes her mind.

No white flours if your not allergic to Gluten.
No wheat flour if you are allergic to Gluten.

Don’t drink soda, the Splenda and NutraSweet will kill you and the formaldehyde will either rot your gut or clean your toilet!

Drink pure water! But not from the tap, that stuffs just nasty and has drugs and life threatening chemicals in it.

Drink only bottled water but read the label because some plastics can cause cancer.

If you’re a size 2 you’re too skinny and need to eat.
If you’re a size 12 or higher there is always someone willing to tell you how pretty you would be…. If you only lost a few lbs.

$25.00 to the Cardiologist for him to tell me I’m too chubby.
$50.00 to the therapist, so she can tell me to tell the cardiologist to piss off!

Everyone has a cause, a theory, or a new book they want you to read or a new statistic they want you to endorse.

I have an idea!

How about trying on a little common sense?
Seriously it’s the new black!

So I might as well say goodbye while I still have my health!
This way you all can say nice things about me to my face.

You see, I love fruit, I burn my popcorn intentionally,
I’m on my cell phone more hours a day than I sleep,
I LOVE Sushi, I’m Italian people; I was raised on Olive Oil.
I drink more water in plastic bottles a day than a chain smoker smokes in a week
and every now and again I go crazy and eat foods REALLY bad for me, so I guess according to statistics my number is up soon!

On the other hand, there is no one willing to stand up and say screw it all!

I’m a smart person; I’ve come this far. I don’t need a flipping degree; certification or diploma to tell me which foods can and cannot go into my body.

I trust my choices, my intuition and since when did I start needing to be molly coddled to eat?

No one has the courage to admit that quality of life is just as important as the quality of foods you’re putting in daily.

So if you will believe anything you read, then believe this!

Eat healthy
Love Deeply
Laugh Daily
Pray passionately and with intention
Play as hard as you work
Always tell those you love, just how much you love them
Cherish every waking minute and live each day as if it were your last.

You have a better chance of living a long happy life, if your willing to participate in the life you have!

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