Because he loves me…

Because he loves me

I’ve had a lot of discussions recently about my faith.

Why do I believe, what I believe?

I think when people ask, they expect some grand philosophical discussion about the bible,
Gods promises or my families lineage.

Instead they get me.
I’m a simple person.
I see life in simple terms.
Anything too complicated and I break it down, so I can understand or relate to it.

I realize some feel the need to argue their views on faith.
That’s their right, not my choice.

I hear some won’t accept God until they’ve seen proof,
so they run around looking for scientific facts.
Again, it’s their right, not my choice.

I refuse to debate or argue why I believe in Jesus,
nor will I entertain the idea of leaving him for another “religion.”
I respect your choices, please respect mine.

My views are simple.

I love Jesus.
He is my savior.

Because actions speak louder than words.

When I cried myself to sleep as a child, he was there.
When I felt the worst form of betrayal, he was there.
When I battled eating disorders, starving, cutting and crying out to God, he was there.

He was there when I tried to kill myself.
He cried with me when our child died.
He gave me strength to be a good Mom to two very sick children.

He healed my soul after domestic violence and brought me a man who would love, honor and forever protect me.

When cancer ravaged my body, he held me as I screamed out in pain.
He kept me strong, gave me courage to fight, the will to live, and hope for a happier tomorrow.

He is the one man, who has loved me unconditionally and who will never betray me.
He has dried my tears, comforted my heart and never let me go.
He is the one I count on to keep me safe, bring me hope and move me forward everyday.

He loves this broken body and he has healed this broken soul.
He is my heart, my soul, my everything.

I see life in simple terms.

Jesus loves me.
I love him.
It’s that simple.

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