Are you discarding Gods blessings?

Are you discarding gods blessings?

When our bodies are weak,
We search for strength.

When our hearts are broken,
We search for courage.

When our souls are lost,
We search for an undying, unconditional love.

We’re always searching for something better, for the one thing that will finally bring us joy, peace and contentment.

Yet, in the middle of all the searching we fail to see what we have already been given, the blessings handed to us, the gifts on our own doorsteps.

God rarely lights up a marquee when he blesses us.
He doesn’t always wrap it in a big bow and deliver it UPS.
Sometimes he drops it in our laps, but we’re too busy searching for something better, we fail to see it, so we drop the gift on the floor and discard it with the trash.

How sad is that?
To think we could discard Gods blessings so easily, because we weren’t paying attention.

We asked for prayer,
We sought Gods advice,
We went to him with our problems,
Then we discard his answer because we missed it, or it’s not what we had hoped for?

What gifts have you failed to notice?
What blessings have you discarded?
What opportunities have you let slip by because you were too busy looking for something bigger and better?

Are you without a job?
Maybe God is allowing you special time with a family member.
Cherish those moments, and create new memories that will last your lifetime.

Are you seeking a relationship, only to be hurt by every guy/girl you meet?
Maybe that special someone is right in front of you, but you can’t see it because your looking for Mr./Mrs. Right in all the wrong places.

House hunting? Maybe a bigger house isn’t the answer.
A haven can be created out of the smallest of places and a home is where Jesus resides.

Our Lord knows our every need & the timing that is perfect to receive it.
He gives us what we “need” not always what we “want” because he knows we will thrive with the blessings he gives.

It is my prayer that we all learn to sit & listen to Gods answers.
To hold on to the blessings the Lord drops into our laps & to be content with what he feels we need, not what we feel, we want.

It would be a tragedy to miss out on something “amazing”, because we’re too busy looking for something “better.”

God Bless!

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