I am cancer free!..Thank you Jesus for one more…

11 years ago today, I finished my last chemo and I heard the words:

“You are cancer free!”

I can remember that exact moment:
The smell of chemo in the room, the look of joy on everyone’s face, the nurses unlocking my port, the tears streaming down my face and the feeling of freedom!

All I could think of was…

Thank you Jesus for one more….

One more chance to hug my family,
One more kiss from my loving husband,
One more I love you,
One more day, One more year, One more moment in their lives.

One more goal to reach for,
One more moment to dream,
One more day to smell the flowers, talk to the birdies & enjoy the day God gave me,
One more opportunity to grab ahold of and appreciate the beauty in this world.

I am fully aware of cancers deception.
I am fully aware of how fragile and fleeting life can be.

The past 11 years have not been all fluffy bunnies and rainbows,
I have had some close calls that terrified me and my family
but each one makes you very aware of just how precious life is,
and that each moment needs to be cherished and enjoyed not wasted.

But with each trial comes a reminder of the moments we pass up, the chances we miss, the regrets we may have or don’t want to have.

I am a deep thinker. I process everything.
My love for Jesus and my understanding for the reality of life have made me certain that when it is my time to go, I do not want any regrets.

We all seek different things in our lives.
Some may seek fame,
Some may chase money,
Some may think you are no one, until you reach a level of success and finally become a someone.

I chase contentment & peace.

I believe we create what we seek.
I LOVE being a Mom, I LOVE running my household and being there for my husband as he busts his butt at work.

This brings peace to the man I love & helps him succeed at his job which in turn pays our bills. This is my job. This wasn’t always who I was but it is now.

We are a team, we know our roles & we both bust our butts to make this family work and we work well together.

With my family, I have no regrets, I have given ALL of me, I have fully loved them with all I am but personally I still have a few things I need to do.

And that’s ok…

Life is meant to be lived fully not fearfully, to have goals, dreams and wants as long as I reach my goal of contentment and peace and I will!

So Today I am cancer free and I will forever be Thanking God for one more…

One more opportunity to Thank God for all the blessings he has given me,
One more moment to make a difference in someones life,
One more opportunity to hug her, One more chance to hold his hand & kiss him anytime I want, One more moment of listening to his beautiful voice..

One more chance to say I LOVE YOU!

What is your One More?

God Bless!

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