I want a million Birthdays!

Come celebrate with me!

September, that one month out of every year that really hits me emotionally.
It’s the month I thought I’d never see. The month I celebrate the day I was born and now, it’s the month that symbolizes the end of cancer.

Eight years ago, three days after my 37th Birthday, I had my last chemo.
There was cause for celebration, joy and hope. Yet, I was sad, hurting and left wondering why?

How was I supposed to celebrate when so many of my friends we’re losing their battle and leaving their children without a parent?
I guess until you’ve been there, you can’t imagine the feeling of what your last days will be like. What, if any, difference you will make in the world. How do you say goodbye to your family? What will their lives be like without you?

You get humble real fast and suddenly nothing else matters but the battle ahead.

I found a fight I never knew I had, Hope that should have been lost and what was a struggling faith before cancer, became renewed.

Then one day my brother said: “Cancer suits you. You look wonderful!”
Now, this may seem strange to say to someone who is ill, but those words resonated with me and even now they brighten some of my darkest days.

Do you know why?

Because out of all the crazy situations I had gotten myself into over the years, no one but Jesus could get me out this one! I knew he had my back, I knew there were no games to be played, this was his world and I just lived in it.
I couldn’t bat my eyelashes, or manipulate the situation to get my way, it was all him.

became my mantra and I let it all go, I let God have every horrific, painful moment. Every tear, every scream, every hurt for my family, he got it all because I couldn’t handle it and he could. THY WILL BE DONE!

I was tired, sick and my soul was lost in a way I never thought possible. All I had, was Jesus and Jesus was all I needed.

There was no green smoothies for breakfast, no 3-mile walks with the dogs, no morning, noon and evening supplements. I didn’t worry about getting in cardio 3-times a week, weight lifting 2-days a week and rest for two days.

I looked beautiful because I let go and gave all my worries, all my pain and everyone I loved, over to God.

I looked beautiful because I BELIEVED I was going to be taken care of, no matter what the outcome, even if I we’re to die, Jesus would take care of everything and everyone I loved.

Then, for some reason he gave me another birthday. This is one of those times where you ask, why me? What made me so special? What mission do you have for me? What is your plan for me God?

So every year around this time I reflect on the past. I honor the sacrifices my family made to take care of me. I pray for those who lost their loved ones and those children who lost a parent. I pray for those battling now and sadly those who will battle in the future.

Then I get real THANKFUL and praise God for the extra time he gave me. I start to wonder what I am doing to make a difference in the lives of those who are hurting. Have I used my time wisely? Have I honored God the last 8 years? Is anyone better for knowing me?

So I’ve decided to start living my life as if each day were my birthday!
I want to reach a million Birthdays!
I will find joy in each day.
I will treat people with the love they deserve.
I will forgive the past & hope for a better tomorrow.
I will begin to live as though each day is my last.
I will let go and let God have all my worries.

So the countdown begins!

I will be 45 this month! To reach a million birthdays, I need to live to 73 yrs old.

COME ON, I can so rock this!


Stimulate the mind, keeping it healthy and happy.
Heal my body with healthy foods, exercise and lower stress.
Fill my soul with the love and word of God.

Ok, so as my life is in Gods hands and not my plans, what if i don’t make it?
Who cares LOL I’ll be sipping dairy free chocolate milkshakes with Jesus and finally get the answer as to why he created squirrels LOL
Either way I win 🙂

So, help me celebrate my birthday, cheer me on, leave me a comment or send me a message.

Then, think about it. Have you used your time wisely? Do you honor God?
Is anyone better for knowing you? What difference are you making in the lives of those who have less than you?

Today I am THANKFUL for second chances.
I am THANKFUL for the opportunity to make a difference.
I am THANKFUL for the chance to see a Million Birthdays.

Thank you for reading.

*Love & Blessings*

© Kathleen Thackham and Recreating me, 2010-2040.

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